Burdge Aerospace Group


Burdge Aerospace Group is a Senior Advisory M&A group positioned to maximize shareholder value and liquidity based on multiple valuations and market trends in your industry.

Focused on sponsoring Private Equity Investments, Strategic and Financial Partnerships, and Advising Businesses considering succession planning and corporate growth objective implementation, we can provide a systematic structure for opportunities that will stimulate growth and increase enterprise value. The firm provides expertise as Senior Advisors to Aerospace & Defense, Commercial and Government Service Groups.

Michael Burdge, founder of Process Fab Corporation, an Aerospace Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing enterprise successfully executing over (1) Billion in completed contracts since 1983 served as CEO and Director of Operations. After completing 30 years of successful entrepreneurship, Burdge successfully completed a significant multiple EBITDA transaction a few years ago. His strong understanding of growth initiatives and business operations of Founder/Corporate-run companies can only be gained through building, owning and operating a business. The fundamental key is our credibility record, assuring security with owners to build strategic partnership opportunities and position them for growth, recapitalization, management succession and exit.

Having been highly successful in previous transactions, coupled with industry knowledge, the group is an excellent resource for providing Founders, CEOs, Partners, and Directors the confidence and integrity they seek when discussing corporate and business logistics and valuations.

Michael Burdge intends to combine five “best-in-breed” boutique aerospace component suppliers in Southern California with complimentary core competencies and capabilities to create a leading Tier 1 supplier called Burdge Aerospace Group.  The Company will have the ability to complete all of the steps necessary to manufacture, engineer, and assemble Aerostructures in-house.  By combining companies with different core competencies and capabilities to create a one-stop-shop, Burdge Aerospace Group believes that they will be well-positioned to capture large, long-term contracts with the airframe manufacturers.  This is a strategy that has worked relatively well for PCC, Triumph, and Ducommun, which are all large Tier 1 suppliers.