Burdge Aerospace Group

Our partners collectively provide more than 100 years of practice in the Industry, Aerospace Manufacturing, Commercial, and Industrial businesses. The Burdge Aerospace Group approach is to build confidence and integrity in any deal structure supporting the retained and outgoing management of companies seeking strategic and financial backing.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Burdge Aerospace Group offers comprehensive strategic planning and tactical leadership through all aspects of an acquisition or merger transaction. Our team works to create a highly customized and disciplined process that maximizes confidentiality, minimizes distraction to management, and optimizes the valuation for the seller.

Burdge Aerospace Group delivers innovative advice, 30 years of corporate experience, and transaction execution expertise. We have deep industry knowledge, technical excellence and key personal relationships across the continental United States. In addition to our internal efforts, we work extensively with our trusted intermediary network of Attorneys, Business Brokers, CPA’s, Operating Executives, Investment Bankers, Wealth Management Advisors, etc.

We are able to improve, organize and streamline manufacturing operations, financial reporting and recasting, and analyze the business to achieve maximum multiple valuations to benefit the process. Given the number of successful years in business and manufacturing allows us to quickly understand and identify areas of improvement needed to realize maximum efficiency thought the process.